Sermon by Pastor Emma Horn

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 65:17-25, John 20:1-18

“Lord, I Ring My Praise to Thee”; Howard F. Starks; Copyright 1978 Harold Flammer, Inc.; CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”; WORDS: Charles Wesley, MUSIC: Lyra Davidica; Public Domain

“Glory to God, Whose Goodness Shines on Me”; TEXT: Trad. Liturgical text, adapt. Paul M. Vasile, MUSIC: Paul M. Vasile; Text Adapt. And Music copyright 2008 Paul M. Vasile; “Permission to reprint, podcast, and / or stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license #A-736451. All rights reserved.”

“In the Garden”; WORDS: and MUSIC: C. Austin Miles, para. John 20:1-18; Public Domain

“The Tomb Is Empty”; Words and Music by David M. Edwards, Arranged by Dennis Allen; Copyright 2006 Belden Street Music Publishing/Mercy Seat Music; CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”; WORDS: Doxology, Thomas Ken, MUSIC: Louis Bourgeois, Geneva Psalter 1551; Public Domain

“Thine Is the Glory”; WORDS: Edmund L. Budry, tr. R. Birch Hoyle, MUSIC: George Frideric Handel; Pubic Domain

“Toccata”; Charles Marie Widor, arr. Lani Smith; Copyright 1989 Lorenz Publishing Co., a division of The Lorenz Corporation; CCLI #1786152, #20307272