What to Expect Here

We want visitors to feel comfortable so here’s a quick description of what you’ll find in one of our church services.

Getting In

First, our parking lot is behind the church. You can enter through the rear double doors and find the sanctuary at the end of a short hallway. There should be plenty of friendly people to greet you along the way.

Turning right into the sanctuary will place you in the narthex where you will likely find more friendly greeters as well as bulletins, children’s pages, and anything else you’ll need for the service.

Feel free to sit in any pew you like though the front two rows are often reserved for the choir.

Children stay with their grown-ups for the first part of the service. Then kids are invited to come up front for the Time With Children, a lesson tailored to them. After that the kids leave the sanctuary for the Journey with Jesus Sunday School program.

During Service

The format of our church service uses traditional hymns, modern worship songs, and call-and-response readings between the liturgist and congregation. All song lyrics and congregational responses are printed in the bulletin and displayed on large TV monitors. We try to make it easy to follow along.

We then have a sermon, the choir will sing while the offering is collected, and we’ll go out with one more joyous song.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month and occurs right after the sermon.

Fellowship Hour

We often have a fellowship hour immediately following the service. Whatever person or group is hosting that week will decide what exactly is served, but you can always expect coffee and snacks of some variety. And of course more cheerful greetings.