About our Church

Our Purpose

Harundale Presbyterian Church is a group of people committed to following Jesus Christ. We are diverse in many ways, but this commitment is what draws us together. Our discipleship is lived out in prayer, worship, Bible study, friendships, service, and giving. In light of the above, our mission statement is as follows:

Harundale Presbyterian Church invites everyone to join us as we joyfully follow Jesus Christ by worshiping God, learning the Word of God, and serving each other and the world.

Our vision reflects our beliefs. We bear the name of Christ and therefore are called to proclaim the Word of faith, love and hope to our community and neighbors.

We envision a community that is unified in the peaceful pursuit of happiness and a community that continues to grow spiritually. We envision a community where social justice and equality are evident; where the children of the community have a true sense of security and can look forward to upward social and moral mobility. We envision a community where every member of the community is gainfully employed, enjoys adequate housing, clothing and sustenance, and is confident in God’s saving grace.

As instruments of God’s grace, we are called to pursue this vision with all of our physical and material means. Further, we are called to exercise our many talents and gifts toward lifting up the community around us.

We envision our congregation reaching a level of spiritual maturity that will empower members to hear and respond to our mission calling.