The Lord’s Prayer – Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done

Sermon by Pastor Emma Horn

Scripture Readings: Revelation 21:1-5; Luke 22:39-46

Liturgy for today’s worship service is from and the PCUSA Book of Common Worship

“Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious”; Tune: BRYN CALFERIA by William Owen, arr. James Mansfield; Copyright 2001 Lorenz Publishing Co., a division of the Lorenz Corporation; CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“Have Thine Own Way, Lord!”; WORDS: Adelaide A. Pollard, MUSIC: George C. Stebbins; Public Domain

“Glory Be to the Father”; WORDS: Gloria Patri, 2nd c., MUSIC: Henry W. Greatorex; Public Domain

“Holy Ground”; WORDS and MUSIC: Geron Davis; Words and Music copyright 1983 Meadowgreen Music/Songshannel Music (Admin. EMI Christian Music Publishing); CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“His Will Was Done”; J. Paul Williams, Ruth Elaine Schram; Copyright 1997 Triune Music, a Division of the Lorenz Corporation; CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”; WORDS: Doxology, Thomas Ken, MUSIC: Louis Bourgeois, Geneva Psalter 1551; Public Domain

“Awesome God”; WORDS and MUSIC: Rich Mullins; Words and Music copyright 1988 BMG Songs; CCLI #1786152, #20307272

“He Is Lord”; WORDS and MUSIC: Anonymous, para. Phillipians 2:10-11; Public Domain

“America, the Beautiful”; WORDS: Katherine L. Bates, MUSIC: Samuel A. Ward; Public Domain

“Sortie on ‘National Hymn’”; Tune by George W. Warren, arr. Lani Smith; Copyright 1980 Lorenz Publishing Co.; CCLI #1786152, #20307272